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Best Apple Watch Bands



The best Apple Watch bands offer new styles, colors and fashion for your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch comes with one band and you can buy many from Apple, but there are way more options than the official Apple Watch bands. Many of the best Apple Watch bands are cheaper than those sold from Apple, but there are also some amazing high end Apple Watch bands that you can buy for yourself or as a gift.

All Apple Watch bands will fit all of the Apple Watch models as long as they aren’t part of a case that also attaches to the Apple Watch. While the Apple Watch design is essentially the same the cases are slightly thicker on the latest model. The Apple Watch bands attach using the same connection, so you can keep them as you upgrade to a new Apple Watch.

The only sizes you need to pay attention to is the size of the Apple Watch that you own. The Apple Watch is available in 38mm, 40mm, 42mm and 44mm depending on the model. You can use a 38mm or 40mm Apple Watch band on either size. You can use a 42mm or a 44mm band on either size. You cannot use the others interchangeably.

Whether you are looking for new Apple Watch bands at Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, Verizon or Target, you can find a wide range of colors and materials. Nylon and Silicon Sport bands are popular as are leather and metal bands. There are even a few super protective bands that include a case or a heavy duty clasp.

Here are the best looking bands, the best performing bands and the best feeling Apple Watch bands that you can buy. With prices from $9.99 and up, you’re sure to find one you like in a price range that you can handle. After you find your new band, check out all the exciting things the Apple Watch can do.

monowear Classic Leather Apple Watch Band

monowear Classic Leather Apple Watch Band

Our go to leather Apple Watch band is from monowear. This classic looking Apple Watch band is the perfect way to dress up any Apple Watch and you can even get the connections that match your Apple Watch color. 

We've been using this band with our Apple Watch for about a year and it looks great. There is just a little amount of wear that adds some character to the Apple Watch and it looks perfect for day to day or dressed up for a wedding. 

This Apple Watch band is made from genuine leather and it is available in five color options. We typically swap it out when we are on a workout kick, but for most people this is perfect for day to day use, yet affordable enough that you won't feel bad if you only break it out when you need to dress up. 

$44.99 at monowear 

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