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How to Live Life to the Fullest in 2017 With iPhone or Android



Learn to Create Downtime

Learn to Create Downtime

Part of living life to the fullest in 2016 is taking a break from your phone. Instead of allowing apps and others to dictate where your attention is you need to create downtime.

Limit the notifications that you let your phone send you so that games and apps aren't pushing notifications that buzz in your pocket just to tell you to go to McDonald's or that your Clash of Clans app is in need of attention.

When you need more downtime, use Do Not Disturb mode on the iPhone and similar modes to limit interruptions on your Android smartphone. These still allow important calls through if you set up a favorite or if you get two calls back to back, but they can keep un-important calls, texts and notifications from taking you out of the moment.

Do Not Disturb isn't just for sleeping, it can help you create the downtime you need to recharge or to master a task.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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