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Galaxy J3

Galaxy J3

As we said above, Samsung hits every major price point. They aren't the only ones with a good phone for under $200, but if you use Samsung, you probably want to stick with them. From the software, hardware, to Samsung Cloud backup or the all-familiar fingerprint scanner. 

A lot of buyers don't want to sway from Samsung just because they can't afford the Galaxy S8. 

If you're on a really tight budget consider the Galaxy J3. It's only $149, or cheaper from select carriers, and it's a decent little phone. You'll enjoy a 5-inch screen and a camera that takes decent photos, but that's about it. This is more of a basic smartphone with all the essentials and a low price. Nothing is going to blow you away, but it's not terrible either. The only potential problem is you only get 16GB of storage, so you'll certainly want a microSD card. 

Buy it Now for $149

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