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10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps & Wallets for Android



In this guide we’ll share a list of the best Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin apps for Android. Perfect for helping you manage your digital currency, buy or sell, and track any spikes. Cryptocurrency is still super popular and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. These are the best Crypto apps and wallets to help you make some coin.

Whether you’re mining Doge coins or need a digital wallet, we have you covered. And as Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin gains popularity in the real world, having apps to handle or spend your coins is becoming more and more important. Well, that’s if you’re actually spending any coins, and not hoarding them.

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Crypto took off near the end of 2017 and everyone wanted a piece of the pie. Now that things have calmed down, you’ll want to manage everything the best way possible. These are best apps for mining, tracking and storing your bitcoins, doge coins, ethereum and all other forms of digital currency.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android

While mining Bitcoin is becoming increasingly more difficult, managing your coins isn’t. In fact, there are a slew of excellent apps to manage anything and everything in the world of digital currency. Try one, or download a few and be ready for the blockchain future.


The first app that comes to mind is Coinbase. Stay on top of the markets, buy and sell instantly with your bank, card, or coins, and securely store your assets. Coinbase is one of the most well-known and trusted apps for Bitcoin. You can even send and receive coins with ease.

You’ll enjoy a clean and fast user interface that works great. One of the best parts of Coinbase is you can manage bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin all in one app. Then, they support over 32 different countries, let you connect your bank accounts, and more.

Coinbase is like PayPal for your digital currency. As an added bonus, there’s a remote disable feature if you lose your phone. I mean, you don’t want your coins getting into the wrong hands.

Download – Coinbase

Blockchain Luxembourg Coin & Wallet

Another highly popular option that’s growing by the day is the Bitcoin Wallet app by Blockchain Luxembourg. This app has a beautiful user interface that’s easy to use, and tons of features for all your Crypto needs.

Keep your Coins and Ether safe, secure, yet transfer it with ease by using this wallet. Instantly transact with anyone in the world and enjoy 2-fact authentication for added security. The app supports over 20+ conversion rates, 25+ languages, dynamic fees, TOR blocking, and a map to help you browse for coin merchants in your area.

Blockchain does a little of everything and does it well. This is my go-to app, so give it a try today.

Download – Blockchain Luxembourg Wallet

Bitcoin Checker

Another highly trusted app is Bitcoin Checker. It’s one of the most popular apps overall, especially for beginners. If you’re just starting to dabble in Crypto, give this app a try first.

The interface is very simple, almost too simple, but that’s a good thing. You can easily track your favorite Dogecoins, bitcoins, or get more information on just about anything with Checker. It’s not just a great app to follow prices, but you can learn from it at the same time. Follow over 80 exchanges from around the world in one app. Get started today.

Download – Bitcoin Checker


Next is up Cryptonator, an app for the more serious trader that’s always on the go. With Cryptonator you get bank-grade anonymous protection to check, store, receive and transfer your digital currency.

With this app, you can track your favorite currencies, and even see its value throughout the course of an entire month, and see which one did best. Then, convert over 500 different varieties, or manage your portfolio with ease. It’s an all-in-one Crypto app for serious users. We also really enjoy the widget, if you’re into that.

Download – Cryptonator

If you’re looking for an app for those daily activities and isn’t too involved, consider wallet. You can buy gift cards from over 120 different merchants with your coins, although we’re not sure why anyone would at this point.

The ph wallet is great for checking your balance, transferring funds or making quick payments with your digital currency. In fact, it’s great for managing balances for just about any Crypto and you don’t need a bank account of any kind. We enjoy the map too, for finding merchants or banks in our area that work with Bitcoin.

Download – Wallet


Folio lets you keep up with the latest Crypto news, and track up to 800 currencies all in real-time. The instant notifications are great, especially for a seasoned investor that set a few thresholds for when to buy or sell.

Yes, Blockfolio gives you instant news and tons of alerts, which is the best part for me. The news and tracking are great, but it’s the notifications for when you personally want to buy or sell that makes this free app worthwhile. If you’re deep into Crypto or Altcoin, try this today.

Download – Blockfolio

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

If you’re busy, always on the go, but need instant information on all your currency, check out the Ticker Widget. Whether that’s exchange rates or current values, this has you covered.

The idea here is the Ticker Widget displays exchange rates or values right on your homescreen. You don’t have to open an app or anything. And while there’s no wallet or anything, it’s a fast way to get the information you need. The Ticker Widget supports most major currencies, and you can set up more than one widget to follow multiple coins at the same time.

Download – Bitcoin Ticker Widget


A viable alternative to Coinbase is the CEX.IO Exchange. This is a decent app with a clean user interface, lots of options, and margin trading.

Whether you’re a Bitcoin beginner or a high volume trader, this app has something for you. Learn as you go, see exchange rates, track the latest news or prices, and much more. Instantly buy coins right from a credit card or bank account, or try your hand at margin trading.

Download – CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange


2017 was a big year for Bitcoin, but this is only the beginning. As things progress in 2018 you’ll want to start using your coins and digital currency more and more in the real world. The best way to find where to use Cryptocurrency in the real world is with BitMap.

You can use BitMap to find local establishments or services that accept Bitcoin, or other digital currency. Then, instantly purchase a physical good or service with it. Find the nearest BitCoin ATM before a busy night out with your friends.

Download – BitMap

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Last but certainly not last is Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet, for those that need absolute security and privacy. This is an all-in-one complete management app, but the focus is security.

With Mycelium you have an ultimate layer of security with private keys that stay right on your Android device. They don’t go anywhere unless you do. The app supports multiple platforms like Ledger, let you easily manage accounts and currency, or even create multiple accounts on one device. It does a little of everything.

And while the interface isn’t the best, the security alone is worth giving this Bitcoin wallet a try. In fact, even with a mediocre user experience, the app has more than enough features to make it worthwhile.

Download – Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Other Details

These are some of our favorite Bitcoin and Crypto apps for Android. While some of the apps detailed above offer similar features, many of them have extra options to fit any users needs. Find the nearest Bitcoin ATM, get real-time notifications, buy and sell, or do anything else you’d like.

In closing, we also recommend checking out the new app Delta, as it has plenty to offer. Not to mention zTrader, Bitcoin Price IQ, BitPay, or Crypto Tracker. Those are a few honorary mentions that didn’t make our list above. Good luck and let’s hope the rest of the year and 2019 brings more good fortune to Cryptocurrency.



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