15 Best First Person Shooter Games for iPhone
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15 Best First Person Shooter Games for iPhone



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Doom Classic

Doom Classic

Are you ready for a little nostalgia? The original classic DOOM video game is available for iPhone, and is still amazingly fun. DOOM gave me nightmares as a child but is also what made me enjoy video games like I do today. It's the first shooter I've played, and one that's still worth enjoying every once in a while. 

Now that you can easily fire Doom up on your iPhone in a matter of minutes, you might as well enjoy it. 

Grab a chainsaw or the BFG 9000, use god mode, and destroy all of your enemies in this epic bloody shooter game for iPhone. 

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Honorable mentions: This list wouldn't be complete without some other extremely exciting shooter games for iPhone. One we highly recommend is Overkill 3, but it's more of a 3rd person shooter.

Then, Call of Duty: Strike Team or Call of Duty: Zombies are both great games, but has some issues with iOS 11. We also recommend the entire NOVA franchise, like NOVA 3 Freedom Edition. 

We'll update this list throughout 2018 as more games get released. And if Fortnite gets a 1st person view, we'll add that too. 

15 / 15
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