15 Best First Person Shooter Games for iPhone
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15 Best First Person Shooter Games for iPhone



Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2

Will you make it out alive? That's the biggest question when you fire up Into the Dead 2 and face a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and dangerous creatures. 

This game mixes the endless runner style that's popular with mobile games into a fast-paced and extremely exciting shooter game. As a result, you'll seriously be on the edge of your seat shooting as fast as your fingers can possibly manage to keep up. 

Into The Dead 2 offers 7 action-packed chapters, 60 different stages or levels, hundreds of challenges, and tons of weapons or ammo. We really like that the story can and will change, as you play, and constantly evolves with the player. 

Adapt your tactics to the surroundings, find the perfect weapon, and shoot your way to safety until the next wave comes at you. This isn't your typical "shooter" game, but it's still incredibly fun. 

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