15 Best First Person Shooter Games for iPhone
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15 Best First Person Shooter Games for iPhone



Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Another stressful but amazing high-powered shooter game is Dead Trigger 2. Stressful because hoards of zombies will continue to hunt you down as you shoot your way to safety, reload, and fire as many rounds as possible. 

Honestly, over the past year or so we've seen dozens of "Zombie shooters" hit the App Store, but Dead Trigger 2 remains one of the best. It has stunning graphics, tons of weapons, a great campaign mode, and over 60 million downloads between Android and iOS. 

In Dead Trigger 2 you'll battle your way through 10 regions, 30+ unique environments, and with over 50 weapons at your disposal. The developers constantly update the game with more modes, new regions, and content. Making it one of the best downloads for iPhone. 

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