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Best MicroSD Cards for the Galaxy Note 8



Delkin 128GB V60 MicroSD

Delkin 128GB V60 MicroSD

Next is something very different from the rest. Instead of focusing on a good overall microSD card with plenty of storage, this is all about speed. The Deklin 128GB V60 boasts blazing fast read and write speeds. Perfect for 4K video recording on a drone, capturing 360-degree content, or doing just about anything with your smartphone. It's also great for 4K video on your Galaxy phone.

You bought the Note 8, so you like to buy the best. So why not outfit your Note 8 with one of the fastest microSD cards on the market? While it's a little overkill, this is a great SD card for your phone and will work great in future devices too. 

Delivering speeds of 1900x using two lanes of pins on the back, this is faster than most cards available. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $127

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1 Comment

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