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Best Galaxy S10 Screen Protectors



IQ Shield LiquidSkin

IQ Shield LiquidSkin

Another popular option for screen protection on the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9+ and even the Galaxy Note 9 is from IQ Shield. They use a special "LiquidSkin" smart film to keep your screen safe. And yes, it works with the S10 and the fingerprint scanner. 

Don't let the name fool you, this isn't a liquid you poor over the screen that hardens. Instead, it's a new style of film screen protector that folds over the edges of the curved screen like liquid and perfectly fits the Galaxy S10 or S10+. 

Each IQ Shield comes with a proprietary screen protector, easy alignment and installation tray, spray solution, squeegee, and a lint-free cloth. Basically, they guarantee it'll fit perfect, confirmed the fingerprint scanner still works, and it's extremely easy to install. 

They're also precision cut so you can still use a case, all features, the front camera, and the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Give one a try today. 

Buy it Now for $9.85 on Amazon

1 Comment

1 Comment

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