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Best Galaxy S10 Screen Protectors



ESR Screen Protector TPU Film (2-Pack)

ESR Screen Protector TPU Film (2-Pack)

Another option is to simply get an old-school regular TPU film screen protector. This is essentially a military-grade 3M TPU material that's flexible, stretchy and very scratch-resistant. 

TPU film screen protectors are basically what the original ZAGG InvisibleShield was made from, which revolutionized screen protection. 

So, this ESR TPU film is exactly that. A thin, durable, self-healing and scratch-resistant film you can easily lay on your Galaxy S10, squeegee out all the bubbles and enjoy your phone without worry. Plus, it comes with two so you'll have an extra or a second one for your significant other that also bought the S10. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $10.99

1 Comment

1 Comment

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