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Best Heavy Duty Galaxy S20 Cases



With a bigger screen than ever before the Samsung Galaxy S20 absolutely deserves a tough and rugged case to keep it safe from life’s daily hazards.

If you need a heavy duty case for the Galaxy S20 but don’t want a massive, thick, heavy brick of a case, we have you covered. Our guide below has several durable and rugged cases all in different sizes so you can find something that works for you. Either way, with a big fancy phone like this, you’ll want to use a case.

1. Spigen Tough Armor Kickstand Case

$15 at Amazon

One of the first brands we typically recommend is Spigen, and their Tough Armor series is better than ever this year with extra layers on the inside to keep your Galaxy S20 safe.

This case isn’t too thick, not too thin, and features a durable impact-resistant TPU inner shell with a hard polycarbonate plastic exterior. Not to mention a nice fold-out kickstand so you can watch Netflix or YouTube hands-free. Spigen has raised edges to protect the screen and camera, easy to press buttons, and a textured power button for ease of use. It’s a great option worth buying.

2. X-Doria Defense Shield (MIL-STD-810G rated)

$30 at Amazon

Next, the Defense Shield series is always a great choice simply because it has a military-grade drop rating. Each X-Doria case meets MIL-STD-810G specs which is good for 10-ft drops. You’ll want that type of peace of mind after dropping $1,000 on the Galaxy S20. Plus, you’ll love the oversized buttons and the anodized aluminum outer frame on this case. It looks and feels good to use.

3. Otterbox Commuter Series Heavy Duty Case

$41 at Amazon

Obviously everyone knows Otterbox by now, as they’re one of the most popular and most trusted names in smartphone protection. And while Otterbox cases are a little too bulky for me, you see them everywhere you go in the real-world for a reason. They’re tough, sleek, and will absolutely keep your new phone safe. Otterbox cases aren’t thin, but they get the job done.

Or, if you want an Otterbox but don’t want a case as thick and big as the Commuter or Defender, try the new Otterbox Symmetry series.

4. ArmadilloTek Vanguard Case (360-degree protection)

$19 at Amazon

The Vanguard Series from ArmadilloTek stands out from the rest with its built-in kickstand and full 360-degrees of protection. This is a heavy-duty case for the Galaxy S20. It snaps together from the front and the back, ensuring every aspect of your case is covered, plus comes in several different colors to suit your needs.

5. TGOOD Full-Body Rugged Galaxy S20 Case

$13 at Amazon

Last but not least is the TGOOD full-body case for the Galaxy S20. This brand combines two different case styles into one, giving you total protection. This is your typical dual-layer case with a hard (and clear) polycarbonate plastic shell, but then they added a soft impact-resistant TPU frame around the entire outer edge. Then, for even more protection, another layer of TPU snaps on from the front ensuring your phone is completely protected. The benefit here is you’re getting a rugged heavy duty Galaxy S20 case without all the bulk of something like an Otterbox.

These are just a few of the many great cases available so far, and we’ll update this list as more get released and we try them out.

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