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15 Best Huawei P20 Pro Cases



Ranyi Dual-Layer Hybrid Case

Ranyi Dual-Layer Hybrid Case

A popular trend with smartphones cases is something known as a  "Dual Layer case". This is basically a blend of TPU, which almost every case uses, and a durable hard polycarbonate plastic. Giving you the best of both worlds. 

Hybrid Dual Layer cases make TPU cases a little more rigged and durable, without adding too much bulk because it's not all plastic. 

The Ranyi Dual Layer case is durable, shockproof, and flexible. They're using a soft TPU core with reinforced dual layer corners for added drop protection. Then, on the back is a hard polycarbonate plastic with a premium "metal finish". So while it looks like metal, it's plastic. Either way, you'll love the rugged carbon fiber and metal styling of this case. It comes in a wide variety of colors too, so find what you want. 

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