15 Best Huawei P20 Pro Cases
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15 Best Huawei P20 Pro Cases



EasyACC Slim-Fit

EasyACC Slim-Fit

Another popular trend with smartphone protection is "barely there" cases. Basically, a case that is as slim as possible for people that hate cases, while still giving you at least a little bit of protection. And while these likely won't save your phone from far drops, it will protect it from life's daily hazards or in a purse and pocket. 

The EasyACC Slim is exactly what you want if this is your type of case. It's a custom-made textured matte black TPU case that's easy to install and ultra-thin. The matte finish prevents smudges, fingerprints, and discoloration. 

You'll get a little protection around the entire phone, small raised edges around the camera, and a nice little thin-fit case with precision cutout buttons. It's thin, but it should do the job. 

Buy it Now for $8.99

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