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15 Best Huawei P20 Pro Cases



EasyACC Soft Crystal Clear Case

EasyACC Soft Crystal Clear Case

If you're enjoying one of the many beautiful colors on the Huawei P20 Pro, especially the Twilight color, you'll want a clear case. That's because a clear case will still show off the phone and its premium design while protecting it at the same time. 

We're big fans of EasyACC cases. They're always cheap, durable, and fit great. This case is a soft flexible TPU material that will absorb impacts without adding bulk to the phone. Unlike most clear cases that have bubbles or "watermark" looking bubbles on the back of phones, they use a dotted texture. This way the clear case fits great but you don't see marks where the phone mushes against it on the back. If that makes sense. 

However, the most important part of this thin and affordable case is the slightly raised bezels around the camera and the screen. That way they'll never touch a surface, even if you lay the phone face-down. It's a good little case worth buying today. 

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