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5 Best iPhone Fast Car Chargers



RAVPower USB-C Dual Charger

RAVPower USB-C Dual Charger

If you're on a tight budget because you just spend $1,000 on the iPhone Xs, this next one is for you. 

Get a cheap USB Type-C cable, then buy the RAVPower USB Type-C dual car charger for $7 and you're all set. This charger (and a cheap cable) gets you fast charging under budget. 

The RAVPower DualPort Type-C charger is exactly what most owners need. It has a regular USB port for friends, family, or your iPhone, and will charge all of those devices fairly quickly. 

However, on the bottom is a USB Type-C port that delivers a full 3w of power, instead of only 2.4amps like the other port. This is where you'll want to plug in that iPhone X of yours. There's an LED indicator for fool-proof charging, and it has a nice compact design. 

Buy it Now for $7.99 on Amazon

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