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5 Best iPhone Fast Car Chargers



Aukey USB-C Fast Car Charger (Dual Ports)

Aukey USB-C Fast Car Charger (Dual Ports)

The first charger on our list is a dual port fast charger from Aukey. This charger has one regular USB Type-A port like every cable you probably own, then a secondary USB Type-C charging port you'll use with your iPhone and other devices. 

Simply plug the Type-C to Lightning cable from our first slide into the Type-C port, and you'll get the fastest charging possible on your iPhone. 

Additionally, Aukey's second port still features Quick Charging technology. This means it will fast charge any of your friends or family members Android smartphones, and safely charge any other device you own at the same time. 

This basically gives you two fast charging ports in your car. One for any and all USB devices, and one for Type-C charging for an iPhone, Macbook, Galaxy S9, Nintendo Switch and more. 

Buy it Now for $16.99

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