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Best iPhone SE 2 Screen Protectors



Here are the best iPhone SE 2 screen protectors you can buy to keep your new phone safe.

You can get a good iPhone SE 2 screen protector starting at about $10 and if you want a great option with extra features like anti-microbial protection or lifetime replacements the price goes up.

While you may think that you can wait to buy an iPhone SE (2020) screen protector until you go back out to the real world, it may be a better idea to get one right now.

If you break the screen on your new iPhone SE you will need to send it in for service, an out of warranty repair is $129 and even with AppleCare+ you will be out of luck until you can get a replacement from Apple since Apple Stores are not open.

Once you factor in the complaints about iPhone scratches over the last year, it makes a lot of sense to use a screen protector.

Best All-Around iPhone SE 2 Screen Protector

This is the best all around iPhone SE 2 screen protector option.

The Invisibleshield Glass Elite Visionguard+ is the best overall iPhone SE screen protector that you can get. This is a tempered glass screen protector that includes a Blue Light Filter and it features anti-bacterial technology to kill 99.99% of surface bacteria on your phone.

This is $49.99 at Zagg and it is worth the price when you factor in all the features and that it includes lifetime replacements. If it cracks or is damaged, you can get a replacement from Zagg and just the shipping.

$49.99 at Zagg

Best iPhone SE 2 Screen Protector from Apple

The Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector is a great option for keeping your iPhone screen safe. I used one with the iPhone X for six months and was very impressed with the quality of this protection.

While you can’t get it installed by Apple right now, the at-home install process is still pretty easy.

The glass is chemically strengthened and it is a very nice option. You don’t get anti-microbial or blue light filters with this option.

$39.95 at Apple

Best Budget iPhone SE 2 Screen Protector

This is the best budget iPhone SE 2 screen protector.

This amFilm iPhone SE 2 screen protector two-pack includes a pair of iPhone screen protectors made of tempered glass. These will protect against scratches and some drops.

You don’t get any special features, but you get a strong screen protector with good reviews and a spare with your initial purchase.

$8.99 at Amazon (2 pack)

Best iPhone SE 2 Privacy Screen Protector

The best affordable iPhone SE 2 privacy screen protector.

The JETech iPhone SE tempered glass screen protector includes a privacy shield to block other people from seeing your screen when they are not looking directly at your screen.

This is essential if you are worried about someone glancing at your screen in public or the office. While you may be stuck at home now, eventually you will be back out in the world.

$10.49 at Amazon

10 Cool Things the iPhone SE 2 Can Do (2020)

Take Portrait Mode Photos

Take Portrait Mode Photos

One of my favorite features on the iPhone is taking Portrait mode photos. By switching to this option you can blur the background of a picture and make the subject really stand out. It's a simple way to make your pictures really stand out on social media. 

The iPhone SE features a single camera, but it supports Portrait mode with all of the six current Portrait Lighting effects and Depth Control to adjust the background blur (bokeh) after you take the shot. This is an awesome feature and even more impressive at the $399 starting price. 

You also get the portrait mode on the front-facing camera for better-looking selfies. This is especially handy if you need to hide the mess in your house with a fancy blur while you're setting up your best isolation selfie. 

You also get all the latest iOS 13 editing controls for your photos and the iPhone SE camera can capture photos with Smart HDR. In short, this is an impressive camera setup on a budget iPhone. 

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