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5 Best iPhone X Accessories



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Fast Car Charger

Fast Car Charger

The USB ports in most cars don't charge your iPhone as fast as it can. In some cars, if you are using GPS with Google Maps or Waze, you can actually end up with less battery life at the end of a trip because there is so little power coming out of the car's USB port. 

We recommend buying an iPhone X fast charger for your car. This lets you get up to 50% of your battery in 30 minutes with a USB C to Lightning cable. If your commute is just about half an hour, you'll have a lot of battery life by the time you get home. 

One reason we like this option, even if you normally plug in your iPhone X for CarPlay is that there will be some times where you or a passenger needs a fast charge before you get somewhere and this will deliver it. 

You can pick up one for $16.99 at Amazon.

5 / 5
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