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Best iPhone XR Screen Protectors



The best iPhone XR screen protectors allow you to worry less about dropping your iPhone, and with one of the best iPhone XR cases they might just help you avoid paying for insurance or AppleCare+. If you’ve only used cheap, film screen protectors, upgrade your protection to one of these options that are frankly the only iPhone XR screen protectors worth buying.

These options are tempered glass and designed specifically with your iPhone XR. This will allow you to use the screen without worrying about more friction, delayed touch or other downsides from older style protectors. You can even get a few options that will protect your eyes with a special blue light reduction filter.

If you have AppleCare+ or another warranty or insurance option you can often replace the screen for $29, but if it is out of warranty expect to pay between $169 to $279. Apple hasn’t announced the exact pricing yet, but it’s going to cost more than even the most expensive screen protector.

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You can use these in addition to the best iPhone XR cases for full coverage protection that can save your iPhone from big drops and keep the screen safe from small scratches over time.

Check out the best iPhone XR screen protectors below to protect your new iPhone. If you decide to go caseless to show off the bright colors, you should still think about a screen protector.


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