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Which iPhone XR Color Should I Buy?



The iPhone XR goes on sale this week, and it is the most colorful iPhone that you can buy. Here’s a look at the iPhone XR colors you can buy, and some help picking which color you should get when you pre-order or walk into a store later this month.

With six iPhone XR colors to choose from, you’re up for a major task this fall as you shop for an iPhone upgrade, but we’re here to help you with this major decision. If you plan to rock on without an iPhone XR case, you can show off the color without anything in the way. There are also a lot of iPhone XR clear cases which make showing off the color you pick possible. You may want to invest in iPhone XR insurance if you go that route.

When it comes down to it, you’ll need to decide which color to buy, but we can help you out by narrowing down the list of iPhone XR colors. After you pick a color, here’s which iPhone XR storage to buy.

iPhone XR Color Options

Which iPhone XR Color should you buy?

Which iPhone XR Color should you buy?

Apple sells the iPhone XR in six color options. This includes; White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Coral and Product(RED). This is the biggest selection of colors you can buy and if you choose the Product(RED) color portions of the purchase go to the Global Fund to fight Aids.

Apple used to offer white or black front plates, but that’s no longer the case. All of the fronts of the iPhone XR colors are black. There’s not much bezel on the front of the iPhone XR, but you’ll still see it.

iPhone XR Color Wear & Discoloration

When it comes to picking a bright color for the iPhone XR, many buyers are worried about the wear over time and discoloration. This used to be an issue with older iPhone models and with some of the plastic iPhone designs.

Even if you plan to rock the iPhone XR without a case, you shouldn’t need to worry about any of these issues. The iPhone XR back is strong glass and the sides are a tough aluminum.

We’ve seen some colored aluminum wear over time, but Apple’s really locked down the coloring process. The glass back might eventually pick up a scratch, but it won’t cut into the color unless you actually break the glass back, which is a whole other problem.

  • Don’t let worries about discoloration influence your iPhone XR color choice.
  • If Scratches worry you, pick white

Which Color if You Will Use an iPhone XR Case

Which iPhone XR color to get if you plan to use a case.

Which iPhone XR color to get if you plan to use a case.

Even if you plan to use an iPhone XR case with your phone, the color you pick is important. Apple now offers an official iPhone XR clear case and there are loads of clear cases and semi-transparent cases designed to show off the iPhone XR color you get.

Our advice is to pick the iPhone XR color that stands out to you and then pick a case that fits your iPhone, instead of thinking too much about the case and color combo up front.

We’re also seeing cool iPhone XR cases with printed designs on a clear case that combines a design with a clear case to complement the color you pick.

Which iPhone XR Color Should I Get?

Here’s the final breakdown to help you decide which iPhone XR color to get when you buy your new iPhone. Apple will not let you swap out colors after a month, so think about which iPhone color you want before you buy. If you are buying early, you may want a backup color.

  • Who Should Buy a White iPhone XR – The White iPhone XR color is the go to if you want to match the iPhone XR up with colorful accent cases and clear cases with designs on them.
  • Who Should Buy a Black iPhone XR – This is the safe pick for the iPhone XR buyer. It’s classic like a black dress or a tux. Do you want the iPhone XR features, but don’t care much about the color. Go black.
  • Who Should Buy a Blue iPhone XR – The Blue iPhone XR color is a safe color option. It’s a familiar Apple color going back to the iPhone 5c, and it’s a solid shade that calls just enough attention while still complimenting whatever you’re wearing and is acceptable anywhere.
  • Who Should Buy a Yellow iPhone XR – The yellow iPhone XR color says, “Hey, look at me.” It’s the boldest iPhone XR color in our opinion and one to choose if you want people to notice.
  • Who Should Buy a Coral iPhone XR – The Coral iPhone XR color is perfect for the guy who is confident enough to rock a salmon shirt or the lady who wants a semi-neutral color to go with a lot of options.
  • Who Should Buy a Product(RED) iPhone XR – If you want to make a statement about your support, or stand out with a bold color choice, pick up the Red iPhone XR, but keep in mind it’s not the only red iPhone color out there.

Ultimately, you need to pick what color fits your style and general mood best, but with all these options you’re sure to find one that works for you.

8 Best iPhone XR Cases

tech21 Evo Check

$39.95 from tech21

The tech21 Evo Check iPhone XR case is one of our top picks thanks to the semi-clear design that combines a check pattern on the back with a colorful semi-transparent material. 

These Evo Check cases come in clear or in colors matching the new iPhone XR colors so that you can show off one of the most exciting reasons to buy the iPhone XR. 

This case includes Flexshock that ups the protection of this case to 12 ft of drop protection. I drop tested the tech21 Evo Check with the iPhone 8, and it delivered an insane amount of protection for a slim case. 

It's a slim, colorful iPhone XR case that is one of the best you can buy. I'd pick this over the official Apple clear case every day of the week. 

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