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The Best iPhone XS Max Cases in 2019



The iPhone XS Max is an incredibly expensive phone with a great design that features steel edges and a glass back. This beautiful style looks good, but it practically demands an iPhone XS Max case to keep it safe. Here are the best cases and covers to protect your new iPhone without adding too much bulk.

Picking the right case can be challenging, but there are a lot of options to choose from. Pay attention to the overall size of the phone case so that you don’t end up with a significantly bigger iPhone XS Max. You can use these new iPhone XS Max cases with wireless chargers, and yes it’s safe to use wallet cases when you wirelessly charge.

Here are the best iPhone XS Max cases you can buy;

  1. Tech 21 iPhone XS Max Cases – $39.95 and up
  2. Anson Calder Leather iPhone Case – $90
  3. Mujjo iPhone XS Max Leather Wallet Case – $52.18
  4. Mophie iPhone XS Max Battery Case – $99
  5. Catalyst Waterproof iPhone XS Max Case – $89.99
  6. Speck iPhone XS Max Cases – $17.99 and up
  7. CaseMate iPhone XS Max Cases – $25 and up
  8. BodyGuardz Harmony case – $27.90
  9. OtterBox Rugged iPhone XS Max Cases – $49.99
  10. Totallee iPhone XS Max Cases – $25 and up
  11. Snakehive London iPhone XS Max Case – $28.98
  12. Apple iPhone XS Max Cases – $39 and up

Read on to learn more about each of these cases and see why we love them.

Tech 21 iPhone XS Max Case

The tech21 iPhone XS Max cases deliver the protection you’d expect from a rugged case, but in a small and stylish package. We love the look of the tech21 cases and the sheer number of options that you can get in both style and color. They offer options that show off the iPhone XS Max color you picked as well as wrap it up in a luxurious faux leather.

Last year I spent a day throwing the iPhone  around with a tech21 case on it, and it survived all kinds of abuse. You can watch it in the video below. These same cases are available on the iPhone XS Max.

The various tech21 iPhone XS Max cases offer 10-12 feet of drop protection while still offering a minimalist design that doesn’t add much bulk at all. The tech21 iPhone cases range from $39.95 to $54.99 and come in a range of color options. You can buy them at tech21 and you’ll find some models available at Best Buy and at carriers.

$39.95 and up at tech21

Anson Calder Leather iPhone Case

The Anson Calder Calfskin iPhone case is the best leather iPhone case I’ve found. This is made of a super soft and supple calfskin sourced from a 16th century French tannery. Even though it’s soft, it holds up well to daily use picking up a little bit of character from wear, but resisting most small scuffs and scratches.

I love the thin design of this case as well as the cutout on the bottom and the button cutouts that make using gestures on the new iPhones easy and that offer perfect access to the iPhone buttons.

This is hands down the best leather iPhone case you can buy, and you can even get it with a monogram if you want.

$90 at Anson Calder

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

The Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case is an amazing case with great design, room for two or three cards and an awesome feature for gestures. Unlike many cases, the bottom edge of this case is cut out, just like on the official Apple cases, which means you can easily use gestures on the newer iPhones. Combine this with great design, beautiful colors and a fair price and you have a winner.

Buy at Mujjo for $52.18

Mophie iPhone XS Max Battery Case

The Mophie Juice Pack Access for the iPhone XS Max is a battery case that wirelessly charges your iPhone and that also wirelessly charges. This leave access to the bottom of the iPhone for plugging in Lightning headphones, a CarPlay connection and makes using gestures easy. You get an added 31 hours of talk time with this case and it’s more than enough to get through a very busy day of streaming and gaming as well.

Buy at Amazon for $99

Catalyst Waterproof iPhone Case

This is a waterproof iPhone XS Max case that lets you take your iPhone deeper and stay under longer.

This is a waterproof iPhone XS Max case that lets you take your iPhone deeper and stay under longer.

The Catalyst Waterproof iPhone XS Max case is a great option if you want to take your iPhone with you into the water. While the new iPhone is water-resistant, it’s not designed for repeated exposure to water or for deep dives. The Catalyst waterproof case upgrades your iPhone to 33 feet of water protection, and it also offers 6.6 feet of drop protection.

You can wirelessly charge with this case on, so you don’t even need to open up a cover to charge. It has an integrated screen protector and doesn’t add much bulk for what you get.

$89.99 at Amazon

Speck iPhone XS Max Cases

Speck IPhone XS Max cases

Speck iPhone XS Max cases

The Speck iPhone XS Max cases are next on the list thanks to great looks, loads of protection and a cool new option that protects your iPhone XS Max from germs.

The Presidio Pro protects the iPhone XS Max from drops up to 10 feet and includes an antimicrobial treatment that prevents bacteria from growing on your case. This protective option includes a removable bumper for a slimmer design when you don’t need as much protection.

There is also a cool clear option called the Presidio Stay that shows off the iPhone XS Max’s beauty and the color you chose while keeping it safe rom 8 foot drops. This case is designed not to yellow like many clear cases do. Speck says this case resists yellowing from UV, skin oil and makeup.

You can also find a few CandyShell and Gemshell options that start at $29.95. You can find these at Speck and at other retailers.

$17.99 and up at Amazon

CaseMate iPhone XS Max Case

CaseMate iPhone XS cases.

CaseMate iPhone XS Max cases.

CaseMate has an insane amount of beautiful iPhone XS Max cases. These stylish and standout designs range from $25 to $60 and offer looks and designs you won’t find anywhere else.

The most eye-catching phone cases from CaseMate include the Karat, Karat Petals and Karat Mother of Pearl options. If you really want to sparkle though, you need to opt for the Brilliance Rose Gold case. These cases include real flower petals, and real mother of pearl embedded in the case for a stylish way to set your iPhone apart. You can also pick up a sweet McLaren iPhone case if you want something with less bling and more carbon fiber.

$31 and up at Amazon

BodyGuardz iPhone Cases

BodyGuardz iPhone XS Max cases.

BodyGuardz iPhone XS Max cases.

The BodyGuardz iPhone XS Max Harmony case is a nice looking slim case that protects your iPhone and offers up a cool fading color design. This is an affordable iPhone XS Max case option. We’ve been testing the iPhone XS version of this case for a while now and love the grip it adds to the iPhone. This case is designed to work with the BodyGuardz screen protector and other screen protection options.

$27.90 at Amazon

OtterBox iPhone XS Max Cases

While they no longer corner the market on rugged iPhone cases, OtterBox is a company that continues to deliver great cases and that many people will trust for their iPhone XS Max case. OtterBox still offers the Defender Series with loads of protection, but no screen protector built-in. It’s a go to option for many buyers, but they also sell a collection of slimmer iPhone XS Max cases that offer solid protection as well. OtterBox is also coming out with a case with an integrated PopSocket.

OtterBox also sells an Alpha Glass screen protector and all these cases work with a screen protector if you need the added protection.Check out the full lineup on OtterBox and at carriers and Best Buy.

$49.95 at Amazon

Totallee iPhone XS Max Case

Super thin Totallee iPhone XS Max case.

Super thin Totallee iPhone XS Max case.

Are you looking for a minimalist iPhone XS Max case that adds a little grip and protects from scuffs? The Totallee iPhone XS Max case is just what you need and it starts at $25. This case is available in matte, glossy or leather and you get a two year warranty on the case. This case is 0.2″ thick, weighs 0.1oz and doesn’t add any branding to the case.

You can score 20% off plus free shipping by signing up for their email. We’ve been testing out the iPhone XS version and it’s a really nice option. One thing to consider is that the sides are protected, but it doesn’t come out around the front as much as many other cases do so you don’t get a lot of screen protection.

$25 – $29 at Amazon

Snakehive London iPhone XS Max Folio Case

The Snakehive London iPhone XS Max case.

The Snakehive London iPhone XS Max case.

The vintage looking iPhone XS Max cases from Snakehive London are made of a super soft leather both inside and out. These cases are available in a range of colors from bright orange and green to more subtle Black and bottle green.

A nice TPU case inside adds shock protection and keeps the phone firmly in place. With the folio open there are three card slots and a longer pocket for cash or other small items. This is on the front of the case so you can keep using wireless chargers even with several cards. I’m very picky about folio style cases, and this one is one of the best I’ve found for the bigger iPhone XS Max.

The leather is incredibly soft and a magnetic snap keeps it closed. You can also use it as a stand to watch a movie or make a FaceTime call. The case has an opening for the ear piece so you can take calls with the cover closed.

Snakehive London iPhone XS Max for £24.95

Official Apple iPhone Cases

Apple offers several iPhone XS Max case options.

Apple offers several iPhone XS Max case options.

Apple offers three different iPhone XS Max cases and all of these are good options.

We all love the leather iPhone X case here at Gotta Be Mobile, and I’m a huge fan of the orange color that’s held up pretty well.

The iPhone XS Max cases include a leather iPhone XS Max case for $49, a silicone iPhone XS Max case for $39 and the Leather iPhone XS Folio for $129.

The Leather and Silicone cases are great options for many, but we pass on the iPhone XS Leather Folio because it’s pricey for what you get and we’re not hug fans of folio designs.

$39 and up at Amazon



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