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The Best iPhone Xs Max Cases



Check out our roundup of the best iPhone Xs Max cases you can buy. The new iPhone Xs Max is the biggest iPhone ever, and unless you want to risk breaking your expensive iPhone with a drop, you will want to put a case on it.

In addition to the official iPhone Xs Max cases you can already buy amazing cases from tech21, OtterBox, Speck, LifeProof, Griffin, Totallee, Snakehive and others.

While iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs cases are interchangeable for the most part, you cannot use an older iPhone case with the iPhone Xs Max.

Whether you need an iPhone Xs Max wallet case, one that’s rugged enough to handle your workday and weekend adventures or you simply want a stylish iPhone Xs Max case we have you covered.

You can use these new iPhone Xs Max cases with wireless chargers, and yes it’s safe to use wallet cases when you wirelessly charge.

We’re getting new iPhone Xs Max cases in to test every day, and these are the best ones so far. We’ll be updating this list as we are able to check out more options.

Most of these iPhone Xs Max cases are available today, with shipping that will put them in your hands by the time the iPhone Xs Max hits your doorstep.

Tech 21 iPhone Xs Max Cases

Tech 21 iPhone Xs Max Cases

The tech21 iPhone Xs Max cases deliver the protection you'd expect from a rugged iPhone Xs Max case, but in a small and stylish package. 

We love the look of the tech21 cases and the sheer number of options that you can get in both style and color. They offer options that show off the iPhone Xs Max color you picked as well as wrap it up in a luxurious faux leather. 

Last year I spent a day throwing the iPhone 8 around with a tech21 case on it, and it survived all kinds of abuse. You can watch it in the video below. These same cases are available on the iPhone Xs Max. 


The various tech21 iPhone Xs Max cases offer 10-12 feet of drop protection while still offering a minimalist design that doesn't add much bulk at all. 

  • Pure Shimmer – Protect. Reveal, with an elegant shimmer. - $39.99
  • Pure Soda – Protect.  Reveal, with a unique twist. - $39.99
  • Pure Tint – Protect. Reveal, with a hint of colour. - $39.99
  • Pure Clear – Protect. Reveal.  - $39.99
  • Evo Luxe (Faux Leather) – Protection meets luxury design. - $54.99
  • Evo Luxe (Woven Fabric) – Protection meets luxury design. - $54.99
  • Evo Luxe Active Edition – Break Boundaries.  Not your phone.  - $54.99
  • Evo Max – Maximum Protection. - $49.99
  • Evo Wallet – Travel light.  Stay protected. - $49.99
  • Evo Check – More protection.  Refined design. - $49.99

The tech21 iPhone Xs cases range from $39.95 to $54.99 and come in a range of color options. You can buy them at tech21 and you'll find some models available at Best Buy and at carriers. 

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