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5 Best iPhone Xs Screen Protectors



The best iPhone Xs screen protectors will help you keep your screen safe, which is essential if you skip out on an iPhone Xs insurance plan. We’ve rounded up the only iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max screen protectors worth buying.

All of these options are tempered glass and curve to fit the iPhone Xs or Xs Max screen perfectly. There are some great affordable options and there are more expensive options that offer added benefits like blue light reduction.

An iPhone Xs screen repair out of warranty is $279 and the iPhone Xs Max screen repair is $329 out of warranty, which makes a screen protector a must have for many buyers. Even if you save big with an iPhone Xs deal, you should invest in a screen protector.

This matches up well with the best iPhone Xs cases and best iPhone Xs Max cases to protect your phone from drops and the screen from small scratches that appear over time.

Check out the roundup below with the best iPhone Xs screen protectors you can buy. These are offered for the iPhone Xs and for the larger iPhone Xs Max.

Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protector for iPhone Xs

$39.95 from Apple

The Belkin InvisiGlass iPhone Xs screen protector is a great option that is easy to install and helps protect against scratches and drops. 

If you buy this at an Apple Store they can install it for you, so that you get perfect alignment, but the DIY option is also easy to use. 

This works with all the cases I've tried while testing the iPhone X version, and I'm impressed with the ability to protect the iPhone screen from daily abuse. 

While I haven't drop tested the iPhone X on purpose while using this screen protector, I've dropped it many times by accident and both the screen protector and screen survived. 

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