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10 Best LG G8 ThinQ Cases



Tech21 EVO Check for LG G8 ($40)

Tech21 EVO Check for LG G8 ($40)

This next case is the Tech21 EVO Check, which you'll find at retail stores like Verizon or AT&T. Tech21 makes some of the toughest cases on the market and they use a patented material on the inside of each case to absorb impacts and keep your phone safe. 

It's seriously some fancy material that ensures your phone won't break, even if you drop it from like 10-ft, which is why they're a little more expensive. Tech21's EVO Check has a textured design so it's easier to hold and use, fits like a glove, and has a clear-back to show off your fancy red or blue LG G8 ThinQ. 

It's a TPU case, but it's more rigid and strong than most, plus has that special material on the inside. Give it a try today. 

Buy it Now from Tech21 for $39.99

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