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10 Best LG G8 ThinQ Cases



LuckyMi Armor Grip Series Case

LuckyMi Armor Grip Series Case

Another solid case for the LG G8 is the LuckyMi Armor Grip series. We really like this style as it combines 2-3 of the best case designs into one, then adds a super textured "armor grip" texture to the back almost like a handgun. The texture ensures you'll never drop your phone and risk breaking it. 

The LuckyMi case comes in three different color options and is your typical Dual-Layer case. That means they use a soft and flexible impact resistant TPU material on the inside and a hard polycarbonate shell on the outside. The impact-resistant TPU squeezes out and covers all four colors so you'll never break a screen from dropping your phone. Then, the hard polycarbonate plastic covers the back of the case and that comes in 3 colors and has the textured grip. 

They also raise the edges to keep the screen safe if you lay the phone face-down, and the angled edge to the fingerprint sensor is a nice touch too. This is a good case. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $10

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