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10 Best LG G8 ThinQ Cases



Otterbox Defender LG G8

Otterbox Defender LG G8

At this point everyone knows and trusts Otterbox when it comes to smartphone protection. And while they're big and a bit too bulky for some people, if you need rugged protection you'll love this case. 

The Otterbox Defender series is tough, durable, and a little bigger than most cases. However, they're super strong and will absolutely keep your phone safe. Perfect for someone that drops their phone daily or a guy that works outdoors in rough enviornments. 

Each Otterbox case fits like a glove, covers the camera and screen from life's daily hazards, and it even has flaps that cover the ports and speakers on the bottom. Construction workers love Otterobox. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $38

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