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Best MicroSD Memory Cards for Amazon Fire Tablets



Lexar 32GB High-Performance MicroSD

Lexar 32GB High-Performance MicroSD

This next microSD card is perfect for the everyday consumer who just wants a little extra space. If you bought the Fire Tablet you're probably on a budget or it is for the kids, and you don't need a crazy expensive memory card. 

If the 16/32/64GB of built-in storage on your Fire isn't enough, a 32GB card is a cheap last resort. Especially before you go on a vacation and just want more space for games and videos.

It's priced at an affordable $13 and still offers 95 MB/s read speeds. Meaning apps and games will load up fast, browsing image galleries or checking out video will be a breeze. This isn't the biggest or the best, or the cheapest, but for $13 it's more than enough. If you're patient, it goes on sale for around $9 quite often.

Buy it Now for $13 on Amazon or snag a Sandisk for $11

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jose Cespedes

    12/12/2018 at 4:42 pm

    I bought a Sandisk Ultra 64GB class 10 (Recommended) The tablet says is not compatible.
    Why then a class 10 instead of other type. I am researching for a better option with higher capacity. I am going away so I will need the extra storage to view files.

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