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Best MicroSD Memory Cards for Amazon Fire Tablets



SanDisk Ultra 200GB Card

SanDisk Ultra 200GB Card

You probably don't need over 200GB of storage on your tablet, but if it controls the entire family home theater, maybe you do.

This ensures you'll have more than enough space, and is the card I recommend to friends or family. The SanDisk ULTRA 200 is a great price/performance/size option worth considering.

SanDisk is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the industry, so get this knowing it's a great choice. This card was crazy expensive when it was released, but can now be yours for as low as $50. 

And yes, that's nearly the same price as a puny 64GB card at most retail stores. You'll save a ton if you buy it online. 

Buy it Now for $52 from Amazon

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jose Cespedes

    12/12/2018 at 4:42 pm

    I bought a Sandisk Ultra 64GB class 10 (Recommended) The tablet says is not compatible.
    Why then a class 10 instead of other type. I am researching for a better option with higher capacity. I am going away so I will need the extra storage to view files.

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