15 Best Moto Z2 Force Cases

This buying guide will explain why you need a case for the modular Moto Z2 Force and share a list of the best Moto Z2 Force cases available. When you’re not using Moto Mods you’ll want a good case to keep your phone safe.

The new Z2 Force has a slim design and a “ShatterShield” screen, but it’s not indestructible. Yes, it’s one of the most durable phones on the market but you’ll still want to keep it protected.

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We’ve found slim yet durable cases that cost as little as $8. That is far cheaper than the $200 it will cost to replace a broken screen or damaged device. You’ll need to spend between $40-$50 for the best protection from reputable brands we know and trust. We also have affordable cases, cases with kickstands and more for any users needs.

While we recommend investing in a quality case or Mod from Motorola themselves, even a cheap $7-8 TPU case is better than nothing. The screen is durable and shatterproof, but reports suggest it scratches easier than most. A case will keep it safe from life’s daily hazards.

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Our list details cases from brands we know, use and trust. These aren’t Moto Mods, as those don’t offer enough device protection. If you’re interested in Mods though, click our link above.

Some choose to skip buying a case because the screen is “shatterproof” or because they can’t use Moto Mods with a case. If that’s you, we have clear cases to fit your style as well. We recommend using a case when Mods aren’t in use.

A case will protect the entire device and prevent damage. A big reason for cases is to keep the screen and body safe from keys in a pocket or purse. Or if you accidentally drop your phone. Some big name brands have awesome cases for this phone. Choose from Incipio, OtterBox, Speck, Tech21, Verizon, and other brands on our list.

Verizon Two-Tone Bumper Case

Verizon Two-Tone Bumper Case

For years Verizon was the exclusive carrier for Moto Z smartphones. As a result, they have some pretty awesome Verizon-branded accessories. One of the best cases for the Moto Z2 Force is their very own case. 

It's called the Verizon Two-Tone bumper case, and you can buy one even if you don't have Verizon. It's not too cheap, and it isn't super expensive either. This case uses a durable TPU material and it's mostly clear. Then on the sides, the company uses two layers of TPU for added durability and to absorb shock from drops and damage. 

This case is thin, lightweight, durable and looks good. Verizon's accessories are surprisingly really good, so try this case first. 

Buy it from Verizon for $14.99 in Black or Gray


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  4. Suraj Padmasali

    08/11/2017 at 2:07 am

    Believe me, my 6-year-old son could break the screen of my HTC smartphone. Since then, I never forget to take case and screen protector for the precious device. Thanks for making this awesome list of the case.


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