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5 Best Music Apps for iPhone and Android



Music connects us and divides us. We all love music, but we don’t necessarily all like the same type of music. The same can be said for music apps for iPhone and Android. We all love music, but we don’t necessarily all like the same music apps. The best music apps for iPhone and Android are all different in their own ways. Still, they all turn your smartphone into a digital jukebox from which you can enjoy whatever type of music you like.

The best music apps owe their existence to the rise of music streaming services. A decade ago almost everyone purchased music on a disc and copied it to their PC. Those that didn’t do that stuck to downloading MP3 files of their favorite songs from the iTunes Store or other smaller services. Smartphones offered just enough storage to make dedicated MP3 players unnecessary. On top of the convenience of carrying just a single device, smartphones offered mobile data connections. The music that couldn’t fit on your phone you could stream.

The best music apps for iPhone and Android offer streaming, offline listening, music videos and more.

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The best music apps all trade on this rich history of digital music. Almost all of them connect to a music streaming service of some sort. You can listen as much as you want from their digital catalog without paying anything more than your flat monthly fee. Some of them don’t require a subscription at all. These music apps won’t cost you money but they will cost you data. In fact, a heavy reliance on your smartphone’s data connection is common for music and video apps in general. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are making those data requirements a bit easier to deal with by launching unlimited data packages.

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A few of the best music apps available for iPhone and Android allow you to stream from their catalog without subscribing, provided you’re comfortable with not being able to skip to the next song or listen to a playlist in the order you’d like.

What Makes a Great Music App?

Though they’re each different in their own way, the best music apps for iPhone and Android all have something in common. They give you access to the music that you want to listen to, wherever you feel like listening to it.

You can go with the subscription services or you can have their system’s match up the music you already own and make it available anywhere. They offer playlists based on your mood, or what particular moment in pop culture is relevant that day. Tidal, the music service managed by rapper Jay-Z, focuses heavily on offering music listeners higher-fidelity sound and related videos that they can’t get anywhere else. The service aims to be more of a music experience than just a music service.

Here are the best music apps for iPhone and Android.

Best Music Apps for iPhone and Android

  • Vevo
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Google Play Music
  • Spotify
  • Tidal



Vevo is one of the many services you’ll find on this list that began life as something different from what it is today. Originally, Vevo was just a collection of legally posted music videos on YouTube. This was at a time when posting music videos that you didn’t have the rights to was a popular thing to do on the service to get likes and views.

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The Vevo of today has more in common with MTV than it does its humble beginnings. It’s still completely focused on music videos though. The apps and website are stuffed full of high-quality music videos. Artist-made playlists are big on the service, with acts like Wale creating their own collections around specific themes. Vevo will let you make GIFs of your favorite videos and create a watch party to share videos with friends.

[ Download Vevo in Google Play ] [ Download Vevo in iTunes ]

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