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The Best Nintendo Switch Cases & Covers



Waterfield Designs CitySlicker Nintendo Switch Case

Waterfield Designs CitySlicker Nintendo Switch Case
$79.99 from SF Bags

Waterfield Designs is known for making sophisticated cases with premium materials. That's where the Waterfield Designs CitySlicker Nintendo Switch Case comes in.

CitySlicker has four styles: Black Leather, Grizzly Leather, Crimson Leather or Blue Leather. The leather used in these cases has a more refined look than the plastics and textured materials used on other Nintendo Switch cases. Their contrasting colors and materials offer a more mature look than other console cases. 

Each case has enough space to hold 5 Game Cards, a USB Type-C charging cable, earbuds, 2 Joy-Con Wrist Straps and your Nintendo Switch console. A loop on the end of the case lets you easily carry it in your hand or attach it to your bag.

Choosing a specific style doesn't mean paying more. All versions of the Waterfield Designs CitySlicker Nintendo Switch Case cost just $79.99. 



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