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11 Best Official OnePlus 5 Accessories



OnePlus 5 Leather Flip Wallet Case

OnePlus 5 Leather Flip Wallet Case

OnePlus also offers a beautiful flip case made from beautifully stitched PU leather. This case comes in Black or Gray, and doubles as a wallet. There's a slot that can comfortably hold two cards, and the case folds over to protect the screen at the same time. 

This cover stays shut thanks to magnets, and when you open it there's a sensor that notices it's opened and your phone springs to life. Turning on the screen to display notifications, missed calls and other alerts all hands-free. 

Get it from OnePlus for $19.95



  1. Nortan

    06/23/2017 at 1:39 am

    It’s better to get skinned to buy a styleswap. The gadgetshieldz skins are now available on their website. Planned to get a pair of skins from them. But didn’t see any full body protector on their site for the OP5. That’s really disappointing.

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