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11 Best Official OnePlus 5 Accessories



OnePlus 5 Ebony Wood Case

OnePlus 5 Ebony Wood Case

Another popular case for OnePlus smartphones is the real wood covers. The company offers a few sleek and minimal cases that are made out of real wood. The result is a stunning look and feel that's unique and different from most phones on the market. 

If you think the OnePlus 5 looks too much like an iPhone, get a real wood back for $24.95 and no one will think that again. These are premium wood covers for a decent price. 

Get it from OnePlus for $24.95



  1. Nortan

    06/23/2017 at 1:39 am

    It’s better to get skinned to buy a styleswap. The gadgetshieldz skins are now available on their website. Planned to get a pair of skins from them. But didn’t see any full body protector on their site for the OP5. That’s really disappointing.

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