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10 Best Official Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL Accessories



Power Support Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Power Support Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Next up is another accessory we consider essential, a screen protector. Whether it's to prevent scratches on the screen, cut down on fingerprints, or just add a little overall durability to your device. 

There are dozens of cheap screen protectors on the market, but real tempered and strengthened glass is your best bet. The Power support screen protector uses the same reinforced glass that the actual phone uses. Meaning it won't scratch or break easily, but if it does, your phone is likely safe underneath. 

Another benefit of buying your protector from Google is that it fits perfect. That way you can still use a case without worrying about it pulling off your screen protection. 

Buy it from Google for $39.95

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