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Best PS4 Trade-In Prices for Your PS5 Upgrade



This is a look at the places you can trade-in your PS4 for a PS5 in 2020 and the best deals as of the PS5 release week.

GameStop no longer offers a trade-in bonus, but you can still get a decent amount of cash or in-store credit for your console.

Here is a look at the current trade-in options that you can use to turn your PS4 or PS4 Pro into credit towards your new console.

PS4 Trade-In Prices

Where to find PS4 trade-in deals towards your PS5.

If you wait, we could see another set of PS4 trade-in promotions, but there is a chance that these will come back yet this year or even in early 2021. Here are the current PS4 trade-in deals and prices at other popular retailers.

The big catch with the prices below is that you need to trade-in your console today, which means spending some time without a console.

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These prices and deals are accurate as of November 8th at 3 PM Eastern. Click on the links to check trade-in pricing.

  • GameStop PS4 Trade-In Value – $100 to $130 
  • GameStop PS4 Pro Trade-In Value – $175
  • Amazon PS4 Trade-In Value – up to $150
  • Amazon PS4 Pro Trade-In Value – $155
  • Best Buy PS4 Trade-In Value – $70 – $80
  • Best Buy PS4 Pro Trade-In Value – $175

Prices depend on the PS4 model you have, so a PS4 Slim 1TB will bring more money than an original PS4 with a 500GB hard drive.

You can use this guide to find the PS5 in stock.

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