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10 Best Scary Horror Games for Android & iPhone



10 / 10

Fran Bow Series

Fran Bow Series

Fran Bow is another series of horror games that will feed off your imagination, weakness, and the darkness. What's great about this series is that each episode is an entirely new download. That way you can work your way through it, deal with your emotions, and keep going. 

Like many horror games, these are "puzzle games" but you'll be dealing with some increasingly and almost excessively creepy things as you go. You play a mentally ill young girl, Fran, that has to deal with things you won't want to confront. 

Download Fran Bow Now for iPhone or Android

Honorable Mentions go out to games like Sanitarium, Distraint, Year Walk, Home: A Unique Horror Adventure, Oxenfree and Slayaway Camp (Friday the 13th), to name a few. There are dozens of amazing games on the iTunes or Android app stores, so give the ones on our list a try, then go check out some of the other escape room and zombie-filled titles. 

10 / 10
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