10 Best Scary Horror Games for Android & iPhone
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10 Best Scary Horror Games for Android & iPhone



Cube Escape (Rusty Lake Series)

Cube Escape (Rusty Lake Series)

A popular trend in the real world right now is Escape Rooms, but you can also get that same "Saw" type experience on your mobile phone. And while there are several Escape Room games for iPhone or Android, Cube Escape is the best of the bunch. Also known as the Rusty Lake series. 

While there are actually around 12 or 13 titles in full, there are five main Cube Escape games you'll want to look into, which are mostly free. Then, they have some "Rusty Lake" titles that cost a few dollars but are all equally amazing. 

Seriously, these are the best escape room games you can play on a smartphone. Whether you're locked in a box, stuck in a cave, or dealing with something freaky, you'll surely love these titles. We recommend going to the developer website for more information

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