10 Best Scary Horror Games for Android & iPhone
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10 Best Scary Horror Games for Android & iPhone



Night Terrors: Bloody Mary

Another epic horror game for iPhone is Night Terrors: Bloody Mary, and it's finally available for Android too. 

Scary movies like Paranormal Activities are fun to watch, but when it's not your house it's easy to realize you're only watching a movie. That's where Night Terrors comes in. This AR game brings the horror, unknown, and scary to your very own house, walking up the stairs and coming to your room in the dark of the night. 

Bloody Mary will possess" your phone, where you'll have to use the built-in camera flash as a flashlight to wander around. Using your camera it turns your house into the haunted situation you never wanted to deal with. I must admit, I'll never look at my pantry door the same. Nope. Just Nope. 

Download Night Terrors for iPhone or Android

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