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12 Best Smart Home Gadgets for 2019



Amazon Echo & Echo Dot

Amazon Echo & Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are a huge part of my smart home setup and they should be a part of most if you are comfortable with voice controls. 

I primarily use the Echo Dot, because it is small and affordable so I can install it in multiple rooms. This model can be found for $29 when on sale and it can connect to speakers by Bluetooth or with a 3.5mm cable. 

The Echo is larger and it includes a room filling speaker. This is the model my parents use and they love the ability to play music as well as control smart plugs. The Echo is $99, but you can find it on sale for $79 around most holidays. 

Here's what the Echo & Alexa can do, which explains many of the smart home controls you can use. I use it for music, lights, plugs and a few other controls. 

The Echo and Echo dot are available at Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers. 

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