The Best Surface Pro Games in 2018 & How to Get Them
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The Best Surface Pro Games in 2018 & How to Get Them



Fruit Ninja - $1.99

Fruit Ninja - $1.99

Fruit Ninja is among the greatest casual Surface Pro games because it takes full advantage of your device’s 12.3-inch display.

Prepare to swipe your fingers across your screen a lot in this casual game. The more fruit you slice with your finger, the higher your score is. You get bonus points for slashing more fruits of the same type with one swipe. Switch to Zen Mode if you have a hard time avoiding bombs while playing Classic Mode.

Fruit Ninja is $1.99 in the Microsoft Store. Your progress doesn't sync with the Xbox One version of the game. However, you do earn Achievements for your Xbox Live profile.

Buy Fruit Ninja from the Microsoft Store for $1.99

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