The Best Surface Pro Games in 2018 & How to Get Them
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The Best Surface Pro Games in 2018 & How to Get Them



Minecraft for Windows 10 - $26.99

Minecraft for Windows 10 - $26.99

Minecraft is available directly from the Microsoft Store. What’s more, it has multiplayer features that the Java version doesn’t have.

Mojang added iPhone, Android, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One multiplayer to Minecraft for Windows 10 with the Better Together Update last year. Use this version to play with friends on any device that they have. If you’re having a hard time outlasting Creepers in Survival Mode, switch to Creative Mode and your group can build anything you want together from the materials you mine.

Minecraft for Windows 10 is only free if you purchased a Java copy of the game from It costs $26.99 for new players. That’s before you use the game’s marketplace to buy add-ons made by other players.

Buy Minecraft from the Microsoft Store for $26.99

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