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The Best Surface Pro Games in 2018 & How to Get Them



Ori and the Blind Forest - $19.99

Ori and the Blind Forest - $19.99

Ori and The Blind Forest is one of Xbox’s best exclusive games and you can play it on your Surface Pro right now.

You take control of Ori as she makes her way through a dangerous and deadly forest. Power-ups improve your attacks and agility along the way. The music and atmosphere of this game are so great that Microsoft has a team working on a sequel that continues this game’s story.

Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition adds new powers, new areas to explore and new difficulty modes to the existing game. That’s why it costs $19.99. It doesn’t have multiplayer or an in-game store.

Buy Ori and the Blind Forest from the Microsoft Store for $19.99

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