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7 Best USB Charging Stations For All Your Gadgets



In this guide we share a list of the best USB charging stations and why you’ll want one. A USB charging station turns a single outlet into multiple USB ports so you can charge every device in your home or office at the same time. See the benefit?

We all need to plug in our phones, tablets, laptops, watches and even headphones these days. So many in fact, that most households run out of outlets. That, or you have to fight with friends or family members for the charger.

There just aren’t enough outlets to keep up. As a result, many choose to buy a USB hub or charging station. This way you can have five or even 10 charging ports in one convenient location. Here are some that are affordable, give you tons of ports, or put out plenty of power to juice up everything you own.

Charge multiple devices at once

Whether you’re looking to charge 10 devices at once, lots of power, or the latest USB Type-C, we’ve got you covered. Our list details charging hubs for as low as $17 with five ports and fast charging. Then, we have a few that offer over 10 ports that you can take to an office or conference room.

It’s important to buy a charger from a reputable brand, especially when you’re recharging expensive gadgets like a Galaxy S9 or iPhone Xs. Good chargers have safeguards to prevent over-charging, unsafe heat levels, and often have extra features like fast charging. This way you’ll get a safe and fast charge on as many devices as possible.

Our roundup below is in no particular order but has a little of something for everyone. Great charging stations for your office at work, your living room, or the fastest charging technology available. Stop fighting for phone chargers or waiting for wall outlets and buy one today.

Anker 63w 5-Port USB Charging Station

Anker 63w 5-Port USB Charging Station

First up is a powerful and highly capable multi-port charging station fro Anker, one of the most trusted names in smartphone accessories and chargers. 

The Anker 63 watt 5-port charger is exactly what you're looking for. This uses the latest technology to ensure all of your device recharge safely, and it supports quick charging. That way your phone tops off in about an hour, instead of 2-3 hours. 

Anker uses a proprietary PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology to deliver the fastest possible charge to almost any USB device. They have safeguards to protect your device and to detect exactly how much power to deliver to any phone or tablet you plug in. 

Basically, this gets you two high-output Quick Charge 3.0 ports (blue) for your Android devices or the iPhone, then three regular high-speed USB outputs any other gadget you want to charge. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $35.99

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1 Comment

  1. Bob

    07/26/2018 at 12:49 pm

    Still waiting for a charger with three type c ports

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