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7 Best VR Headsets for Gaming in 2018



Google Daydream View - $99.99

Google Daydream View - $99.99

Your smartphone powers the Google Daydream View, but at least you don’t need to worry that you will lose access to your favorite titles and apps the moment you switch to a new smartphone.

Each Daydream View comes covered in breathable fabric. You slide your smartphone into the headset using a flap on the front and lenses inside the headset magnify your device's screen. The Daydream VR app opens to a virtual world with all your apps and games.

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Expect games from Lego, Electronic Arts and lots of independent developers. You navigate these games using the matching wireless controller that comes with each headset. Daydream View also has apps for Google Maps, Netflix, Hulu Plus the NBA, MLB and YouTube. Buy another Daydream-ready phone and your apps and games transfer.

Google Daydream View costs $99.99 from the Google Store. You can get one in black, blue and coral.

Buy the Google Daydream View from the Google Store for $99.99

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