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10 Best Weather Apps for Android (2019)



The weather is one of those things everyone needs to know, or at least pay attention to. We check it before getting ready for the day, or while planning a big holiday vacation. As a result, you need the best weather app possible. With that goal in mind, here are the best weather apps for Android. Giving you a personal weatherman with up to the minute information and alerts.

You probably have a pre-installed weather app, which is decent, but typically lacking in features or accuracy. Luckily there are plenty of 3rd party weather apps on the Play Store with additional features, customization, widgets and lots of options.

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So, if you want to know when it is going to rain or snow, check the 7-day forecast, add a live weather widget to your screen, or check the air quality, we have you covered. Out of all of your options, these are the best weather apps for Android in 2019.


One of the most popular and highest rated weather apps ever is 1Weather. It’s also been around for a long time, and millions of people trust it every single day. This app delivers a clean and easy to use interface, and all those hourly, daily, or weekly forecasts you probably rely on. And that’s not all either.

1Weather lets you track up to 12 different cities or locations at a time, has support for over 25 languages, and works with Android Wear smartwatches too. So you can check for incoming rain without getting your phone out. And finally, they have a few widgets worth trying. That way you can see information 24/7 right on your screen without ever opening an app or refreshing your weather app. They even have radar and real-time severe weather alerts. We can recommend this app without hesitation.

Download – 1Weather 


Another old-timer that you’ve probably used before is WeatherBug. This is one of the first weather apps that delivered multiple options and features for Android users, so it’s still very popular today. People use what they know. That said, it does offer things like weather forecasts, severe alerts, widgets, and even live weather cams. Yes, you can check live camera streams on a map of popular locations.

WeatherBug has 18 different maps, live traffic conditions because of the weather, lightning alerts, and map radar systems available. They do offer widgets, but in a standalone app, but they aren’t the best. This app is completely free, but you can spend $10 for the pro version if you feel it’s necessary.

Download – WeatherBug

Dark Sky

Next up is a completely different type of weather app, one that delivers scary accurate hyper-local weather alerts down to the minute. Instead of giving you a whole set of information and forecasts, this app will tell you when it’s going to start raining or snowing outside, AND when it will stop. The best part, it’s crazy accurate right down to your exact location.

We know a lot of people don’t trust the weatherman, but Dark Sky will prove you wrong. In fact, it’s one of the only Android apps my dad has ever paid for. It’s that good. You’ll find a few widgets too if you want them and can pay a small yearly subscription fee for more features.

So while this won’t do everything that 1Weather does, it will let you know when it’s going to rain. Which is pretty important, if I don’t say so myself.

Download – Dark Sky

Yahoo! Weather

Stay with us here. The official Yahoo! Weather app is actually very good. It’s by far the best Yahoo! app available in the Google Play Store. When you download Yahoo! Weather the first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful user interface. It’s simple, clean, and sources real images from Flikr for the location you’re looking up. You can track up to 20 cities, and get all the usual weather information you need.

Yahoo! offers customizable weather feeds and alerts, and you can even send in your own photos of the conditions. Like the others, they have radar, maps, forecasts and even a few widgets. Although the widgets aren’t the best. You’ll likely just enjoy the clean interface. If you haven’t tried it in a few years, we recommend giving it another shot.

Download – Yahoo! Weather

Weather Underground

When it comes to knowing anything and everything about the weather, or outdoor conditions, Weather Underground is a great place to start. This is one of the most feature-complete options available. They have everything the others do, and then some. More importantly, it uses crowd-sourced data for extremely accurate information on everything you’re interested in.

Weather Underground gives you all the usual stuff, UV index ratings, pollen info, smart alerts, local flu outbreaks, and hyper-local weather alerts similar to Dark Sky.

We really like the fact that it gathers information from a community of people for real and accurate reporting. More importantly, Underground monitors and reports on air quality too. Perfect for those in California dealing with wildfires, or anywhere else that air quality is a concern. They do have ads, but you can get rid of them for $1.99 per year.

Download – Weather Underground


Another all-around solid choice is AccuWeather. They’ve been around for a while, but the newly updated app is pretty great. Then, they introduced minute-cast, which as you’d expect, gives you the forecast down to the minute. See a trend here? Everyone is trying to share extremely accurate information down to the minute.

AccuWeather is pretty feature-complete too. They have a little of everything, almost too much in fact. It’s so data-heavy that some users might just add the AccuWeather widget and call it a day. And that’s fine because they have a pretty decent selection of widgets that look and work great.

If you want precise location-based information, we still recommend Dark Sky over Accu. That said, Accuweather offers a lot more than Dark Sky in the end.

Download – AccuWeather

MyRadar Weather

If you’re a weather-geek or live in a Hurricane zone, you’ll want to consider MyRadar. They pull precise information and raw radar data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) servers. This means you know you’re getting pretty accurate information.

Along with a full range of features, MyRadar focuses mainly on Radar. You can play radar animations to see if rain is coming, track hurricanes, and get even more radar features with in-app purchases. The maps are detailed and easy to read, but it’s not a “weather app” in the sense that some of the others are. Still, it’s lots of fun, and they have a paid version for $2.99 that’s full of features if you want to become a weather pro.

Download – MyRadar Weather

The Weather Channel

Perhaps the most recognizable app is The Weather Channel. You’ll get a little of everything from this app, along with a few extras like UV index and air quality conditions. A lot of apps just say if it’s rainy or sunny, but if you’re curious about air quality, try this app.

The Weather Channel gives you current temps, future forecasts, radar options, severe alerts, pollen stats, and even detailed wind information. They have a pretty beautiful app, beautiful background images, and neat simple widgets if you want one of those. They even redesigned the app in mid-2018, so it’s stylish.

It’s not very customizable and has a high subscription fee if you want more than it offers, but the social reporting should give you all the weather information you need.

Download – The Weather Channel App

GO Weather, Forecast & Widgets

We’re also pretty big fans of Go Weather. They have accurate forecasts, real-time weather reports, dynamic backgrounds, and a lot of really nice widget options. If you’re looking for a new weather widget, start here.

They bundle a gorgeous design with extremely accurate information, and lots of it, which makes it a winning weather app. Along with the usuals, you’ll also enjoy 10-day weather forecast, severe weather alert, precipitation, lifestyle forecasts, radar & satellite images and beautiful weather widgets. Give it a try today.

Download – GO Weather

Weather 14 Days

Last but not least, we have a pretty typical weather app that’s all about giving you information for the next two weeks. Basically, you’ll get 14-day forecasts, maps, satellites, and radar details. We like the clean design of the app and the fact that it covers the entire world, and highlights popular destinations.

You’ll love the easy-to-use interface, smart alerts right in your notification bar, and all the widgets. In fact, they offer some of the most customizable weather widgets around. Except for maybe HD Widgets. It’s available in over 50 countries with support for 20 languages. Give it a try today.

Download – Weather 14 Days

Now that you have a list of the best weather apps for Android choose what works for you. Find the latest information quickly, get tons of details, check the air quality, or stay inside because it’s going to rain in 12 minutes. Use these apps to plan your day or your vacation in 2019.

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