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6 Best Xbox Controllers & Remotes



Xbox Elite Controller - $149.99

Xbox Elite Controller - $149.99

The Xbox Elite Controller is the best offering that Microsoft makes. Available online or in store for $149.99, the Elite Controller takes customization to a new level. That is, you can make the controller you’ve always dreamed of, as long as you like black and gray.

Updated mechanisms inside the Xbox Elite Controller provide a premium feel. They’ve all been battle tested to withstand thousands of strikes, taps and presses. The body of the controller has rubber grips that help with sweat. Slits on the back let you add paddles to the back of the controller to replace the XBAY buttons on the front.

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You can remove the joysticks on the Xbox Elite Controller and replace them. Microsoft includes a longer set of joysticks with the console. Buyers also get a set that has convex surfaces instead of concave caps. The D-Pad can be swapped out for a dish that’s better at catching the ends of your finger. A carry case and MicroUSB cable are included too.

[ Buy the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for $149.99 from the Microsoft Store ]

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