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9 Best Xbox One X Accessories You Need In Your Life



Xbox One Play & Charge Kit - $23.75

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit - $23.75

Your Xbox One X comes with a single set of AA batteries. Don’t buy a second set after they die. Buy the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit instead.

The Xbox One Play & Charge Kit costs $23.75 from Amazon and it saves you from constantly replacing batteries. The kit includes a rechargeable battery pack that slots in behind the removable door on your controller. You don’t connect this battery to a wall charger when it dies. Instead, you use the included MicroUSB cable to supply the controller with power and top off the battery. During charging, your Xbox One Controller switches off its internal radios and uses the cable to send commands to the Xbox One.

Buy the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit from Amazon for $23.75

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