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Black Ops 3 vs Advanced Warfare: 10 Key Differences



Thrust vs. Jetpack

Thrust vs. Jetpack

Advanced Warfare introduced a brand new element to the Call of Duty series: The jetpack. It took us a few weeks to get used to the jetpack and the new vertical movement but we've been adjusted since November of last year. 

And that's why it felt so weird not to have access to the jetpack's range of motion in Black Ops 3. Black Ops 3 comes with some new capabilities but it doesn't feature a jetback for intense vertical movement throughout the level. 

Instead of a jetpack, you'll have a thrust. Essentially it's a jump on steroids that allows your character to reach ledges. It's not as powerful as the jetpack and it cuts down on the amount of vertical combat in Black Ops 3. Seeing enemies hovering isn't common and you won't see enemies flying around above you. 

If you love the up-and-down combat in Advanced Warfare, you might be disappointed with the change in Black Ops 3. Thrust grew on us over time though and we actually started to enjoy not having to worry about getting stomped out to lose a match.

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