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Black Ops 3 vs Advanced Warfare: 10 Key Differences





Every Call of Duty game brings something different to the table when it comes to scorestreaks and Black Ops 3 is no different. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 comes with some notable differences though there are also a few familiar faces.

Black Ops 3 beta introduced gamers to scorestreaks like the Hellstorm Missile and the Talon. Hellstorm Missile is like the missile drike from Advanced Warfare while Talon is similar to the Assualt Drone. There are other Black Ops 3 scorestreaks that are much different though. 

For instance the Cerebrus is an AI-controller unit that walks around the map taking out enemy targets. And while the explosive RC car from Black Ops 2 is gone, Black Ops 3 introduces the HC-XD, a small explosive vehicle that can thrust jump and drive on vertical surfaces. 

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