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Black Ops 3 vs Advanced Warfare: 10 Key Differences



Wallrunning In Black Ops 3

Wallrunning In Black Ops 3

Black Ops 3 introduces more than just thrust. In addition, it adds in a wallrunning element that's not found in Advanced Warfare. 

Wallrunning allows you to access routes that you're unable to access without performing the manuever. It's a risk reward system. Wallrunning in some places can be difficult to pull off and some of those areas don't come with a place to land. But if you can stick it, you have a good chance of escaping or getting away with a flag. 

We enjoyed wallrunning in the limited maps available in Black Ops 3 and it's possible to play the game without it. That said, those who master the ability are going to be able to traverse the map much faster and far more efficiently than those who don't. Something to think about if movement isn't your speciality in Call of Duty.

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